Vision, Mission, Values

Every company should be able to answer these questions easily if it has developed strong mission, vision, and/or values statements. The words “mission,” “vision,” and “values” can hold different meanings to different people, so these statements come in all shapes and sizes. However, they are typically communicated in a written form and answer the basic questions who, what, where, why, and how. We talked to six local executives about their companies’ statements and the role they play in organizational health and prosperity.

Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

At the heart of Vision’s culture are two important pieces: 1) The Golden Rule, the fundamental fact that Vision believes in treating everyone with respect, and 2) the company’s Vision Values. The Vision Values are a collection of seven core values that define Vision’s culture and stand as the foundation of the company’s vision: “To be the best, most respected hotel company in America.”

Q&A with President and CEO Mitch Patel

Q How did you develop the Vision Values? 

A We have always had a strong corporate culture at Vision, we just needed to define it. Around five years ago, our company conducted associate engagement surveys and extensive interviews to identify the values we believed in the most. We subsequently narrowed them down to seven core “Vision Values.” The “Golden Rule” and our Vision Values became the foundation of our culture, and we strive to live by them every single day.

Q How important is it that your employees share your values? 

A We are in the people business before the real estate business. It’s why we spend so much time selecting the right people to join our organization who share our values and beliefs. We hope that our associates are proud to be a part of the Vision Family, and happy to be a part of a corporate culture that focuses on developing their personal and professional success throughout their career. Happy and loyal associates will create happy and loyal guests.

Q In your mind, how critical are your values to your company’s success? 

A Absolutely critical; our commitment to our shared values and our people will ultimately define our success. As we grow our portfolio and enter new markets across the nation, the only way we can consistently provide excellent guest service is through our commitment to our corporate culture and values. Culture sets the course of the ship.


The Vision Values:

• Dedication. We are committed to our jobs,
our associates, and ourselves.
• Integrity. We own our responsibilities
with each other and our guests.
• Respect. We treat everyone with mutual respect. Our associates abide by the Golden Rule and treat others the way we wish to be treated.
• Excellence. We do our best to make sure each guest
has a remarkable stay at our hotels, every time.
• Community. We support the health and growth
of the neighborhoods where our hotels are located.
• Teamwork. We work together to be the best,
most respected hotel company in America.
• Spirit. Our spirit is led by our passion to have fun and our enthusiasm for being part of the Vision Family.


EPB’s mission statement is simple: to improve the quality of life for everyone it serves. The company’s professional standards – some of which are held in common with other organizations, and some of which are specific to EPB – are designed to turn that mission statement into focused, intentional action.

Q&A with President and COO David Wade

Q Can you tell us more about your professional standards?

A Among many values, our standards emphasize the importance of working together and personal responsibility. They also outline the EPB approach to customer service, remind us what it means to achieve operational excellence, and challenge us to be innovative in an industry often resistant to change.
Q How do you communicate your mission and professional standards to employees?  
A As you might expect, we include both in our on-boarding process. But we also re-enforce them regularly in our trainings, group interactions, and employee communications. Perhaps most importantly, we reinforce them in our strategic planning and goal setting. This allows us to turn them into specific and measurable actions for employees.


EPB’s Mission Statement:  

“To improve the quality of life for everyone we serve.”

CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.

CBL uses two statements to define what it means to work for or with the company: a mission statement and a values statement. Both were re-drafted last year in a collaborative process that involved the entire company.

Q&A with President and CEO Stephen Lebovitz

Q How often do you revisit your mission and values statements? 

A We make adjustments and tweak as necessary, but we formally revisit each one every five years. Much like our industry and company, our value and mission statements are dynamic. In the last few years CBL has experienced a change in corporate culture, and the new statements reflect this change.

Q What do they communicate to your employees?

A Both statements serve as a daily reminder of CBL’s commitment to excellence, which is why they are prominently placed throughout the office. They reiterate the expectations we have for the individuals who work for us and highlight the attributes of the talented people who comprise our staff. They also empower our employees to be creative, look for cutting edge solutions, and aspire to create unparalleled experiences for our customers.

CBL’s Mission Statement:  

“We are an innovative retail real estate company comprised of passionate employees who are dedicated to creating captivating experiences for our customers. We aspire to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by being the destination of choice.”

CBL’s Values Statement:  

“We are highly skilled, motivated, passionate people working together as a team. Our team honors and fosters relationships, aspires to innovate, and is committed to excellence.”

Card-Monroe Corp.

Card-Monroe has a triad of guiding statements: a quality policy, a mission statement, and a values statement. All three were developed around 20 years ago and continue to be displayed throughout the company’s facilities and plants as a constant reminder of their importance.

Q&A with CEO Charles Monroe

Q What is the significance of having a quality statement?

A Without an exact policy, everyone is left to perform to the standard they think is appropriate. The policy ensures every employee has a clear understanding of what is expected. We want our policy to be clear and challenging and reflect the company’s commitment to customer service, the integrity of our work, and the reliability of our products. We think it’s what our customers expect and deserve, and it’s what we owe to each other.

Q How do you communicate your key statements to your employees? 

A All employees in the company receive training on these three key statements on many different occasions. It starts with new employee orientation and extends through routine meetings and company gatherings. The board of directors opens each quarterly meeting by reviewing these declarations to confirm them and to serve as a reminder of what the company stands for.

Q What do you hope your mission statement accomplishes?

A The mission statement is intended to provide direction, enhance unity, and create constancy of purpose. Our aim is high –  to be the best in the world. The spirit of it is about operating to a higher standard. Our ultimate purpose is to bring glory to God in the way we operate and how we treat all with whom we interact.


Card-Monroe’s Quality Statement:   

We will continually learn and understand our internal and external customer requirements, and will provide defect-free products and services on time, every time.

Card-Monroe’s Mission Statement:  

Our mission is to be the tufting equipment supplier of choice throughout the world by developing and nurturing partnerships with customers, employees, and suppliers while achieving an adequate return…all to the glory of God.

Card-Monroe’s Core Values:  

Honesty and integrity. We take great care in making commitments and then we live by them.  We require honesty and integrity in everything we do.
Love, dignity, and respect. We look for the best in others and see each person as a unique individual. In all our dealings, we will treat each other with courtesy, respect, consideration, and acceptance.
Servant’s heart. We will serve others by: having a cooperative spirit, having no hidden agendas, having a humble disposition, and thinking of others first.

Chambliss, Bahner, & Stophel, P.C.

Chambliss, Bahner, & Stopher, P.C. has two guiding statements: a mission statement to keep the company focused on its ultimate objective, and a values statement to outline how the company works and the means by which it accomplishes its mission.

Q&A with Managing Shareholder Mike St. Charles

Q How did you develop your mission and values statements? 

A Our mission statement and values statement are the result of an intensive planning initiative that involved all levels of employees. Both were formally adopted after each employee had the opportunity to provide feedback.

Q How do you communicate your mission and values to employees? 

A We don’t want either statement to be “out of sight, out of mind,” so we highlight them in our orientation for new employees. We also remind our team of them at various firm functions. Our goal is to keep them in mind in the course of our daily work, whether it be advising clients, interacting with others internally or externally, or otherwise going about our work responsibilities.


Chambliss’s Mission Statement:  

We practice our profession so that our clients value us for our services and advice; our peers outside the firm respect us for our ability and integrity; and our colleagues within the firm regard us with trust and appreciation.


Chambliss’s Guiding Values:

People. To recognize the value and contributions of each individual; to demonstrate concern for the well-being of employees and their families; and to treat everyone with respect.
Integrity. To act ethically, honestly, and fairly.
Responsibility. To act responsibly in our jobs and in our dealings with each other, our clients, and our community, and to accept responsibility for our actions.
Productivity. To use our resources, especially our time, effectively and efficiently, in order to profitably provide value to our clients.
Innovation. To be creative about the way the resources of the firm are best used to meet the needs of our clients.

Chattanooga Zoo

In 2011, the Chattanooga Zoo reworked its mission statement to better reflect its commitment to being more than a fun destination for families. Now the statement encompasses more of the zoo’s core values, which include animal welfare, conservation, preservation, inclusion, outreach, and education.

Q&A with President and CEO Darde Long

Q What was the thought process behind revising your mission statement in 2011? 

A We wanted it to reflect what the zoo was doing now, as opposed to what it had been doing for the past 25 years or so. So, for example, we wanted to make sure it included our conservation efforts and our many educational and outreach initiatives. After we achieved accreditation in 1998, we were able to connect with many other
accredited zoos and learn from them how to grow our programs. The new mission statement reflects the many changes we’ve implemented since then.

Q Are certain core values more important than others?

A Yes. For example, for us, animal welfare comes first. So before you can even talk about something like conservation, you’ve got to make sure you’re providing the absolute best care for the collection you already have. We know every organization has weaknesses and opportunities for growth, but in our field it should never be in animal care. We feel very strongly about this.


The Zoo’s Mission Statement:   

The mission of the Chattanooga Zoo is to engage and inspire our community to better understand and preserve wildlife by creating meaningful connections between people and animals. With our intimate, innovative exhibits, wide-ranging educational offerings, and commitment to conservation, our vision is to be a top destination for residents and visitors alike and the pride of our community.


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