Outperforming Competition with Convenience

Experts Share How They Use Convenience to Dominate Their Markets

Americans are more stressed than ever – there are bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and never-ending to-do lists to conquer. With already full plates, customers are looking to do business wherever and whenever it’s easiest. And the world’s most successful companies have taken notice, capitalizing on convenience culture to outperform their competition. For Amazon, this looks like one-click ordering and two-day delivery. For Uber, it’s the simplicity of navigating their app. Meal kit delivery services have become a fast-expanding, multibillion-dollar empire. Why? They provide a convenient solution to an age-old problem: What’s for dinner?

Locally, companies implementing similar strategies have been met with great success. Read on to hear from business executives and experts on how they use convenience to dominate their markets.



Derrick DePriest (Above)

Head of Customer Sales, Bellhop

At Bellhop, one of our top priorities is providing exceptional customer service with an emphasis on using convenience to take the stress out of moving. During this pandemic, we launched a new platform that takes the convenience of booking our services to the next level. Our customers can go to bellhop.com and book the perfect moving solution within minutes. By using amazing technology built by our engineers and asking the right questions, customers can book a move without needing to speak to an agent or have a moving professional come to their home for an inventory check. Also, should a customer have questions, we developed a chat function with our concierge team ready to assist. Our customers can also update their moving reservation or tip their moving pros within their personal dashboard. Though we provide these convenient ways to do business, we also have a team of professionals in Chattanooga ready to assist seven days a week.



Kathy Burns Vice President of Customer Relations, EPB

Kathy Burns

Vice President of Customer Relations, EPB

At EPB, we always start by asking, “Is this the right thing to do for our customers?” And then, “How can we make it easy for them?” We serve this community by providing world-class products at a great value with exceptional customer service. And, because we live here, we care deeply about our customers. That’s why we’re always ready to answer 24/7/365 whether people contact us by phone, web chat, email, or through our web page. Additionally, EPB customer relations employees have a unique combination of financial, problem-solving, and people skills that help us learn what customers need and offer the options that fit them best. We’re always working hard to do better, and we’re always ready to listen to feedback so that we can adjust and improve.



Andrew Dinsmore Store Manager, Publix Super Markets

Andrew Dinsmore

Store Manager, Publix Super Markets

At Publix, we strive to make “Everyday Easy” for our customers. We know people are always searching for ways to simplify their schedules and slow things down – but life is busy! That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of convenient products and solutions to make shopping, preparing, and cooking easier from start to finish. Whether ordering online to personalize a Deli Pub Sub or picking up one of our ready-to-cook items from the meat department, we’re here to add a little peace to mealtime. This year alone, Publix will add curbside pickup to hundreds of our stores to better serve customers who enjoy the convenience of shopping online, as well as continue to grow Publix-Delivery powered by Instacart, where groceries are delivered right to our customers’ doors. We know time is valuable, and we will keep working hard to provide a personal and convenient shopping experience for our customers.



Deanne Dawes Owner, Dawes Hospitality

Deanne Dawes

Owner, Dawes Hospitality

At Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, we like to say that it’s our family serving your family, and that doesn’t stop with our slow-cooked, fast-served hickory smoked barbecue. To us, family means more than quality – it means convenience. Nowadays, the American family is increasingly busy with an ever-growing activity list and an ever-shrinking chance to be together. So, we asked ourselves, what would help our family spend more time together? Then, we took action. We built our restaurants with drive-thru, patio, and dining room seating. We partner with a variety of delivery services and stay open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. We sell our signature barbecue in family packs, offer individually packed meals, and set-up services for events and large groups. Basically, if there’s a way to save your family time, we strive to do so. Life is too short to worry about cooking dinner.



Jim McKenzie Market President, FirstBank

Jim McKenzie

Market President, FirstBank

At FirstBank, we think of convenience in terms of total customer experience, which means different things to different people. Certainly, banking technology is playing an ever-increasing role, and we invest substantially in our online and mobile banking platforms. FirstBank has just launched a new system that features the latest functionality, security, and updated features to enhance our customers’ digital experiences. At the same time, we know many customers still want to visit our financial centers in person. They need easy access, and our Chattanooga and North Georgia locations provide just that. They also provide a customer-friendly (and pet-friendly) environment – familiar faces, associates with the expertise to help them meet their particular needs, and an array of products and services to choose from. Our goal is to keep the community in “community banking” – with local decisions by local bankers – be it in person or virtually. Our ability to do both gives us a competitive advantage.


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