Gauge & Compete

Virginia Anne Sharber

Director, Hunter Museum of American Art
The success of the Hunter Museum depends on the relationships we develop with visitors, members, and supporters. Modeling best practices, we regularly gather quantitative and qualitative data from a range of sources to ensure that we’re serving the widest audience and being responsive to our changing community. Consistent delivery of engaging experiences, punctuated with something singular from time to time, helps us to be successful. We enjoyed tremendous success in 2015 with the special Monet & American Impressionism exhibition where we welcomed an attendance increase of 128 percent above projections and experienced a membership increase of over 135 percent.

Hiren Desai

CEO, 3H group Hotels

With the tools and resources available to us today, it is easy to measure the different business metrics that make your company successful. Gauge your business’s success by the bottom line numbers and grow your market share by having a competitive edge. Creating customer loyalty and retention is pivotal to the success of any business. Offering an excellent guest experience by exceeding expectations will resonate and in return assist in obtaining the revenue goals.

Kelly Paulk

Vice President of Product Strategy and Individual Markets, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Health care is a rapidly changing industry. Our company has a highly disciplined approach to goal setting in this environment and to broadly communicating goals to employees. We compete to be Tennesseans’ insurer of choice by creating products with a variety of features and choices, and by providing exceptional customer service. When deciding on new initiatives, we judge the market by talking to customers, brokers, and providers to understand their needs. We also scan the market by working with and learning from researchers, consultants, and industry experts. Finally, we use a variety of metrics in our planning, including market size, new enrollment, retention of existing customers, attrition, speed to market, and market share.

Larry George

Founding Partner and President Emeritus, George Financial

At George Financial, we have positioned ourselves to be different than other financial professionals. This is not to say that we set out to be better than the competition, although that should always be the goal. We have developed a philosophy that is based on volume rather than wallet size when serving the financial needs of our community. We embrace change every day and have metrics in place to measure how well the process serves our corporation and our clients. We will change directions immediately when a need is indicated. When Babe Ruth was asked why he didn’t slow his swing and just hit where there were no fielders, he replied, “I just try to knock it over the fence, Hoss. I don’t believe there are any players over there.” That’s kind of our motto and what we measure our goals against.

Todd Dyer

General Manager, Marshal Mize Ford

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive markets in the country. Consumers are hit with a barrage of information when trying to decide not only what brand to purchase but from whom to purchase. We strive on a daily basis to assess our objectives, not only those set by Ford Motor, but those we have set for ourselves based on the history of loyalty to Ford in the Chattanooga area. We constantly track retention rates, new opportunities generated, ranking with Ford, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. Growth is important within our company, but measuring it in comparison to competing businesses determines our success in the industry. If we are constantly improving our reputation in the marketplace, we will ultimately attract more customers and increase our growth within the company. By following our daily process, which includes analyzing sales data, appointments scheduled, and customer service responses, we stay ahead of our objectives.


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