Creating Distinction

Jody Riggs

CPA, CFP®, Riggs & Associates  
Riggs & Associates takes a personal interest in each client and builds meaningful relationships. Through deep discussions of goals and dreams, we work together building financial security alongside your life decisions. We ask targeted questions, listen closely to your answers, provide guidance and advice, and then make adjustments to your plan. Our specialty is personalization and expertise in helping clients reach goals in retirement, education, legacy planning, and tax management. We walk through life together from a financial perspective. Our goal is not to be just the best at what we do, but to be the only ones that do what we do!

Barry Watson

Regional President, SmartBank

Differentiating your product is integrally connected to a quality commitment, delivering on your promises, and being diligent with how you service your clients. The sum of this is the client experience! SmartBank understands that banking options are many. We focus on the things we do well: we’re passionate about solving the needs of our clients and aligning our team around helping the client achieve success. We tailor products and services while providing a responsive, engaging experience with the goal of creating a deep connection with our clients, so they know how much they are valued.

Ed Dolliver

Vice President of Sales, Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau

An ever-increasing number of destinations worldwide are investing in tourism. With this added competition, it’s critical that we differentiate ourselves as a top-notch, flourishing destination. How do we do that? First, we put forth the aspects of Chattanooga that are unique and align with our culture and target segments. Second, we provide authentic experiences – from the best Southern hospitality to world-class attractions, nightlife, and dining to laying out the red carpet. We are a second-tier city providing first-tier amenities and visitors are noticing. We constantly receive feedback that groups who met in larger cities did not get that personal treatment they received in Chattanooga. That speaks volumes for our community.

Danny Howard

Station Manager, WDEF-AM/FM, WDOD-FM, WUUQ-FM

The Sunny 92.3, Hits 96, and Q-97.3/99.3 difference is clear. We put listeners and clients first! We do so by delivering a well-researched, polished product that is focused and primarily produced locally by a diverse and talented group of dedicated people who live, work, and play right here in our area. Our stations operate with a Main Street instead of Wall Street mentality where we strive to create compelling radio that truly connects with our listeners and values our partnerships in the community. Thankfully our listeners and advertisers continue to believe in what we do and deliver. They are the keys to our success.

Kathy McInnis

Account Executive, Fairway Outdoor

With a career in media advertising sales, I was drawn to the world of outdoor advertising after watching the industry blossom while many other mediums began to succumb to new trends and technology. From an advertising and delivery standpoint, Fairway Outdoor is a viable means of reaching the entire marketplace through one media source, delivering total market coverage in a very cost efficient manner compared to other forms of media. Additionally, the creative options are limitless with 3D extensions leaping off the billboard to digital units featuring real-time updates and creative changes through RSS and social media feeds.

Josh Legg

Director of Marketing and Brand Experience, Rock/Creek Outfitters

Our mission is to provide the community with the inspiration and necessary expertise to enhance daily life – while making a commitment to invest our time and resources to conservation.  We’ve learned that if you can effectively help someone experience something new or achieve a specific goal, you create lasting relationships built on trust.  We strive to genuinely help the community rather than simply saying, “here’s our stuff, we hope you buy it.”  It’s a much more gratifying means of conducting business rather than just pushing products.

Marie Webb

Vice President of Human Resources, EPB

I believe that our people and corporate culture are what keep EPB at a competitive advantage. EPB remains one of the top choices among job seekers in the greater Chattanooga area, so when we look for people to join our team we choose those who have a passion for serving our community and customers. Of course we look for skills that stand out, but after the hire we are committed to providing opportunities for the growth and development of each employee. We offer benefits that provide employees the opportunity to grow, learn, and experience new skills that contribute to their professional and personal lives.

Leonora Williamson

SVP, Partnerships, SIGNiX

Not all e-signatures are created equal, but many buyers view the market as commoditized. Despite our advantages, distinguishing SIGNiX from competitors is a constant effort because it’s hard to communicate our difference in one line. This challenge is common among technology companies. SIGNiX offers superior data privacy and legal evidence and is uniquely suited for highly regulated industries like wealth management and health care, and we have marquee customers in both of those industries. Through thought leadership industry articles, social media, and glowing customer testimonials, we continue building our brand and spreading the news that SIGNiX digital signatures are
truly unique.


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