Attention to Detail

Mukta Panda, MD, FACP

Professor, Department of Medicine and Medical Education Assistant Dean, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga College of Medicine
A good doctor has to have a combination of attributes, of which attention to detail is vital. Understanding all the details about a person’s health helps the physician analyze the situation and provide an accurate diagnosis. However, it is just as vital to be attentive to the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients. Physicians and health care professionals of the future must realize that truly caring about all aspects of a patient’s life is the most important attribute of all.

Billy & Connie McCoy

Owners, McCoy Homes

Attention to detail is never more important than when designing or building a home. At McCoy Homes, we know that even the smallest detail can have a significant and lasting effect. We pay attention to the details, because the details affect movement, energy, growth, and relaxation. They can alter mood, improve visibility, and enhance the overall appearance of one’s home. Details affect the way people live, and that is important. It is our attention to detail that has earned us the reputation we have. Our family has built a successful residential construction company by paying attention to the details; even the smallest ones.

Tom Cupo

Regional Managing Director, The Chattanoogan Hotel

Attention to detail clearly separates the great from the good, not only in our business but also in our community. Friendly people, clean streets, and a well-planned community make Chattanooga the special place it is. At The Chattanoogan, we believe our culture must be embedded with our “Be the Difference” service philosophy, which inspires every employee, at every level, in every job. Our goal is to live each day capturing service moments when we can “Be the Difference” to a guest, to each other, and to our communities. We believe the details in the personalized service we provide to guests will create special and long-lasting memories of their visit to Chattanooga.

Christie Sell

Judge, Division I, Hamilton County General Sessions Court

Having good relationships with the people I’m working with has always been important to keeping me on track. I also make lists every day and prioritize them based on what has to be done today versus what I want to get done today. As a judge, a lot of what I do is managing and meeting people, but you just don’t know what the docket is going to be or how it’s going to progress. I think when you let other people around you know what you’re doing and the expectations you have, everybody works together to get the details ironed out.

Shannon Johnson

Director of the Hennen Hospitality and Culinary Center, Chattanooga State Community College

In the hospitality industry, there are so many details to consider that the team approach to management and service have become essential to executing on as many details as possible. Every team member is trained to understand the details critical in their specific role in order to create the best possible guest experience. Equally as important, each team member is trained to communicate with the rest of the team when something changes or a special circumstance arises. As individuals we often see details through our own lens, and as such, details can be missed. But as a team, the strength and the vision of the individual is multiplied, which often leads to near perfect execution.

Ryan Keel

Technical Operations Vice President, EPB

Attention to detail is critical at EPB. We are fortunate to have a very talented team that works every day with the community’s smart grid to ensure that the people we serve have high-quality, reliable power and fiber optic communications. We carefully analyze millions of data points to learn new ways to enhance system performance and efficiency while identifying potential equipment issues before they cause outages. By focusing on what we do at a very granular level, EPB will remain innovative, competitive, and committed to operational excellence for our customers.


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